July 23, 2007

I don’t often check my stats page, but I do always notice that I get a bunch of traffic due to posts on Ethiopian Idol and the date in Ethiopia. Here’s the official Ethiopian Idol site.
If you are one of these people, I have another blog in which I babble on about my son adopted from Ethiopia:  Meet Dawit.

For the creepo who found my site through searching “smell little girls”…ewwww.  Go away.


Happy Birthday to me!

July 23, 2007

It’s nice when your birthday falls on a Sunday, it turns into more of a birthday weekend.  Went out to dinner Friday with John, dinner and margaritas with friends Saturday night, and a day picking blueberries and  hanging out with the family today.  My mantel is covered with sweet birthday cards and some beautiful flowers from a neighbor.

Been doing lots of lazy, fun summertime stuff–kiddie pool, slip-n-slide, day trips to the Cape and Block Island, and lots of playdates.

Our town is great for picking up cast-offs on the curb…today we found an old oak barrel that will translate nicely into a planter on our deck:

Also started pressing flowers and collecting containers for some fall/winter craft projects.  Never too early to start planning…


New idea

June 23, 2007

I’m sorting through some ideas about what to do with this blog.  I’m going to clean house a bit and change the feel and theme.  More to come.


Added to the blogroll

April 22, 2007

New additions in the blogroll:


Colin McEnroe:  To Wit

There are so many more.  Someday, really, I’ll get organized.

I am still considering how I will work out the two-blog issue.  I am certainly more dedicated to my family blog:  Meet Dawit.  I’m always feeling guilty about this neglected blog after putting several years into it.  We’ll just see how that works out.


More heart stuff

April 13, 2007

Here is an emotionally hard-to-read blog by the family of a woman with PPCM:

Ty’s story 

I am a lucky survivor of PPCM.  I hope the same for this new mom.


Heart news

April 8, 2007

Heart valve grown from stem cells.

Heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub, who led the team, said doctors could be using artificially grown heart components in transplants within three years.

His researchers at Harefield hospital managed to grow tissue that works in the same way as human heart valves.

Sir Magdi told the Guardian newspaper a whole heart could be produced from stem cells within 10 years.

This is so exciting!


SCD Cookies

February 13, 2007

These are by far my favorite SCD-compliant cookies.  Pecan Shortbread cookies from Lucy’s Cookbook.

I made special pizza for Lily today, too.

I thought I had exhausted most possibilities for cooking on this diet, until I got Kendall Conrad’s new book.  I even made tortillas!

Now, if only you could see my kitchen.  The one that I do this endless cooking in.  To start with, it’s ugly.  Blue toile and stripes.  And that old white linoleum that will never ever look clean again–it’s aged to a sickly yellow.   Add to it the fact that it’s not very functional (when you open the dishwasher, you can’t reach the sink or onlycounter-space), and it can make for grumpy cooking.

I do have plans to try a couple of new recipes this week, though.   And seeing my photo of the cookies makes me want more…