Ethiopian Idol

January 24, 2006

Hard to believe the Idol craze has even taken over Ethiopia.  The average family income per year is $400.  Who is watching this show?

 thanks, mom.



  1. Not me. I think it’s idiotic.

  2. I don’t think it’s such a big deal……………I would watch it if I was still in Ethiopia.

  3. It is absolutely crazy, yet amusing. If I were in Ethiopia (which I will not be returning to) I would probably enter Lucianetta (even though she’s italian that would be quite a twist coz she’s got this cool voice) and seeing if they accept her. if i was on it I would do a reggae version of ‘I am 16 going on 17’ for fun.

  4. i love ethiopian idol i think it’s a very nice way to express we ethiopian can sing and dance … the only thing that we need id to go out there and show our talenrt.
    i like it
    keep that good job up ppl.

  5. In my opinion youare wasting the time by advertizment

  6. very atractve sohe in etiopa

  7. well in my opinoiuon it is a every good way of starting the talent of ethiopian peoples,except that it’s advertizement period being longer.

  8. and bythe way cait if you are there please send me some mail .ok.By mydogislulit@yahoo.com .Cahoo.

  9. I think It’s very nice cuz it is the way to see how much talent we have.

  10. I think it’s a cool show but still the juges aren’t accurate and i can see some discrimination on ugly girls.

  11. in the first place i don’t think this kind of programe is good for our countery .also there should a age limit to performe on the programe because the young kids are not matured enough to know what they are doing may be they have better talent than singing.from uk

  12. It is a very enjoyeable show.It is one little escape to joy for millions of Ethiopians who are surrounded by a monotonous TV shows and furries of life.How ever, the judges sometimes are over ride by personal look than the melody of the person’s tone.

  13. On behalf of me it is very good way of starting the talent of ethiopian people. Keep going.

  14. it’s a good show and it gives opportunity to people who don’t have them in normal Circumstances but can’t we be a little original about the way we’r doing it?

  15. I think —–it’s the best of that we ethiopians are doing about miusic

  16. i think ethio-idols is wast of time we don’t need musican or a dancer we need doctors and teachers .the programe manger should set age limt on the ethio-idols. we don’t need under 16 to give atteniton for ethio-idols rather than their education.

  17. i don’t think it’s a good idea because we need to eat first

  18. i think we must work hard first

  19. hello, i actually like your your successful work in all .
    and i apricitate that you have a very talented djajers.which have a smailing face specially mewded.

  20. Actually. i like your successful work .and i apricitate your very talented djajers. Specially that of mewded he have bright face which can attract poeople.

  21. Hi IDOLs, I am writing from Boston, Massachussets, we love your program, we subscribe ETV to see the idol show, and I want to give you some advice on who is gonna be Ethiopian idol this year, I don’t remember his name exactly but if I am not mistaken Million, the one who sings Buzunesh’s song last time, you know what? he can sing, he not only can sing he is artistic, he should be the ethiopian idol this year, and please tell him that we from Boston Love him, we always love to see him singing!!!!, and the lady who hates number 5, she is also a good singer, and we belive she could be number 2, and another guy who sings Bahiru’s song, could be number 3. this is mine and my friends comment.

    We Love you all,
    Firehiwot & Friends

  22. I think I second your comment. I couldn’t believe how he was able to sing Bizunesh’s song – exact copy. I watched him on JumpTV and Million could definately be this year’s winner. GO MILLION!!!!

  23. mewded is one of the best judges who is young and energetic as well as careful on his critics or complements to the kids ;even if they are wrong he give them a very valuable advice ;which encourages the kids to work harder in the future .i ‘m glad ethiopia have a young man like mewded who suggest the contestants to have an intricate lacework with organized melody on their dance .way to go mewded .keep up the good job.


    north eastern UNITED STATES

  24. It is such an interesting program. I like it I don’t wanna miss ethiopian idols.

  25. it is a nice and interetaining program.

  26. nice and intersting program except Adevertizing is very longer.

  27. hi mewded i am sooooo proud of you

  28. i am sooooooooo proud to have a guy like from ledeta

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