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May 17, 2006

The Comet Reunion was a huge success.  A few hundred people turned out, we raised some $$ for Peter's Retreat, and I danced myself almost to death.  Nitzer Ebb, Bauhaus, Siouxie, New Order, Ministry…turned into old-school House music with local favorite DJ, Markie Gee.  There were so many familiar faces!  I danced for hours with Heather…pretty much in the same spot that we danced 18 years ago. 

I'm still tired.


Countdown: 7 days…

May 5, 2006

Next weekend promises to be interesting.  A two-night event with friends that I first met when I moved to Hartford, 20 years ago!  Can all of us close-to-40 year olds stay out late two nights in a row? 

Club Comet Reunion to see some of the big hair and boots from back in the day.