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Just add ice! (not included)

November 25, 2006

I submitted a classified ad on craigslist.  My first ad!  Antique ice box.

So far, I’ve answered 5 emails asking “does it still work?”



November 22, 2006

One donor sparks domino 5-way kidney transplant.

Domino organ transplants aren’t new, but the size and scope of this one were. With assembly line efficiency, 12 surgeons in six operating suites at Johns Hopkins Hospital harvested kidneys from five living donors to implant into five unrelated recipients.



November 19, 2006

Lily, explaining the medications that her dad takes every morning (due to kidney transplant) to her younger brother:

Daddy has to take the medicine to make his body work. You see, a long time ago, Daddy’s gills stopped working…


Six Years!

November 13, 2006

Today is the sixth anniversary of my diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy.  And they said I wouldn’t survive the night.  When I did, they said I wouldn’t survive longer than 5 years without a heart transplant.  Here I am, with my original parts, as healthy as can be.

See Mom?  That don’t try and tell me what to do or I’ll do the opposite attitude that I perfected as a teen has served me well as an adult.



November 10, 2006

Setting the scene:  Lil and her dad were jumping and playing in a huge pile of leaves.  Lily dives in and hits her head, and emerges from leaves rubbing her noggin.

Ouch, Daddy!  I hit my head!  I hope I don’t have amnesia.  Wait a minute, amnesia is a pretty big word, and if I had amnesia, I probably wouldn’t remember that word.