SCD Cookies

February 13, 2007

These are by far my favorite SCD-compliant cookies.  Pecan Shortbread cookies from Lucy’s Cookbook.

I made special pizza for Lily today, too.

I thought I had exhausted most possibilities for cooking on this diet, until I got Kendall Conrad’s new book.  I even made tortillas!

Now, if only you could see my kitchen.  The one that I do this endless cooking in.  To start with, it’s ugly.  Blue toile and stripes.  And that old white linoleum that will never ever look clean again–it’s aged to a sickly yellow.   Add to it the fact that it’s not very functional (when you open the dishwasher, you can’t reach the sink or onlycounter-space), and it can make for grumpy cooking.

I do have plans to try a couple of new recipes this week, though.   And seeing my photo of the cookies makes me want more…



  1. I don’t think there’s ever been a kitchen that was just right. Our neighbor had her kitchen completely remodeled and expanded. Her reason was that she wanted a “two-butt kitchen”. The way her other was arranged, two people in the kitchen were always bumping butts. So, that’s my new criteria, and it’s as good as any. As big and well-laid out as our kitchen/breakfast area is, it still has some things that are just stupid. But, at least it is a two-butt or even three-butt kitchen.

  2. I have been thinking of you for days–I saw an ad for a movie coming out called The Number 23! Isn’t that your number? I’d call that a must-see.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet. I was thinking of you, too—wondering what sort of food you had at your party last night. Did you host?

  4. Yes! We had Mark Wahlbergers, Pita O’toole with Babelicious hummus,Leonardo pistachios, it’s an honor just to be marinated mushrooms and Helen Mirrenated peppers. Ah yes, musn’t forget tea and scones for The Queen. We had a blast but it went on a little too long this year.

  5. Hi Gaigal,

    Seeking something different to add to my SCD repertoire, I happened upon your site. I’d searched for “SCD Cookies”. Your Pecan Shortbread Cookies look wonderful. Oddly enough, I have Lucy’s cookbook, looked for the recipe, but only found Pecan Bars. Are there different editions of her cookbook? Could you possibly share the recipe? Thanks in advance.

    I’m also thrillled to find mention of yet another SCD cookbook, the one you mentioned by Kendall Conrad. Do you have “The Grainfree Gourmet”? It is excellent.

  6. Pssst. This is an odd comment…

    I use the isername “GaiaGal” on Blogger and received an email from someone trying to locate a woman named Wanda who once appeared on the Jane Pauley show about “Women and Heart Disease”.

    Would you happen to know this woman? Thaks! 🙂

  7. I see that you made the tortillas from her book. I consider myself a pretty good cook and I can not for the life of me get these to turn out. Is an electric tortilla press absolutely essential? If so, I need to get one. We live in Texas and are really missing our tortillas!

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