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Added to the blogroll

April 22, 2007

New additions in the blogroll:


Colin McEnroe:  To Wit

There are so many more.  Someday, really, I’ll get organized.

I am still considering how I will work out the two-blog issue.  I am certainly more dedicated to my family blog:  Meet Dawit.  I’m always feeling guilty about this neglected blog after putting several years into it.  We’ll just see how that works out.


More heart stuff

April 13, 2007

Here is an emotionally hard-to-read blog by the family of a woman with PPCM:

Ty’s story 

I am a lucky survivor of PPCM.  I hope the same for this new mom.


Heart news

April 8, 2007

Heart valve grown from stem cells.

Heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub, who led the team, said doctors could be using artificially grown heart components in transplants within three years.

His researchers at Harefield hospital managed to grow tissue that works in the same way as human heart valves.

Sir Magdi told the Guardian newspaper a whole heart could be produced from stem cells within 10 years.

This is so exciting!