Happy Birthday to me!

July 23, 2007

It’s nice when your birthday falls on a Sunday, it turns into more of a birthday weekend.  Went out to dinner Friday with John, dinner and margaritas with friends Saturday night, and a day picking blueberries and  hanging out with the family today.  My mantel is covered with sweet birthday cards and some beautiful flowers from a neighbor.

Been doing lots of lazy, fun summertime stuff–kiddie pool, slip-n-slide, day trips to the Cape and Block Island, and lots of playdates.

Our town is great for picking up cast-offs on the curb…today we found an old oak barrel that will translate nicely into a planter on our deck:

Also started pressing flowers and collecting containers for some fall/winter craft projects.  Never too early to start planning…



  1. Hey there, happy birthday! I saw your post at you-know-where, thanks so much for your concern! BTW I sent a postcard to you, but it doesn’t seem to have reached you yet (well, it had to get through a major typhoon and an earthquake so it’s probably understandable). Glad to know you had such a nice birthday!

  2. Contrariety says : I absolutely agree with this !

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