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5 days ’til blastoff…

February 14, 2006

Bonnie is coming this week, I have a stats exam tonight, and we’re leaving early Saturday morning.  

I’m blogging as a form of study-avoidance.  Packing-avoidance.  Cleaning-avoidance.


Ethiopian Idol

January 24, 2006

Hard to believe the Idol craze has even taken over Ethiopia.  The average family income per year is $400.  Who is watching this show?

 thanks, mom.


My fragile state

January 14, 2006

Here’s a glimpse into just how shaky my emotional state is: at Target, I found the perfect drawer pull for a cabinet I painted for our soon-to-be-adopted-from-Ethiopia son, Dawit. It’s a soccer ball. The mere discovery of this piece of hardware had me in tears. Can we just go get him, already?


Very Vaccinated

December 15, 2005

Ouch. I’ve had 7 shots this week. I’m currently protected against Hep A, Hep B, polio, typhoid, tetanus, meningitis, and Yellow Fever. Even so, I got literature to protect myself from some frightening stuff including plague, rabies, and some scary-ass parasites. The CDC’s travel and vaccination site. And I’ve spent time worrying about the Avian flu…I had no idea I’d be facing a list of already-existing diseases.


Ethiopia News

December 12, 2005

Scientists watch for birth of new sea in Ethiopia, could take millions of years. I get to see the real Lucy next month. How cool is that?


The journey finally brought us to

December 1, 2005

Image hosted by this darling little 3 year old. I’m off to Ethiopia to get him next month. Much to do to prepare for the trip, and for having a toddler in the house. Who knew? We started this process a year ago with a Chinese baby in mind, almost had twin boys, and end up in Eastern Africa.

I saw his photo and thought, “oh, there you are! I’ve been looking all over the planet for you!”


Today’s date in Ethiopia

November 24, 2005

Today’s date in Ethiopia: 15 Khedar 1998

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