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April 25, 2006

I just visited Easy Bake Coven and was inspired to get the garden going. We have some seeds started inside, including my very favorite Moonflowers. This photo is from the first year I tried growing them. I keep them in a container on my deck. I often plan my afternoon around watching them open. Really, they are the best part of gardening for me, each bloom lasts only one evening, and feels like a gift.

Now, from that mother plant, I've been sharing seeds with the women in my circle. A great connection through moonflowers.


Full Circle

January 2, 2006

Last week my circle of friends put on a lovely Blessingway for me. Lester made some fabulous food and put together a ritual focused on the adoption journey. It was perfect. Everyone brought donations for me to tote to the orphanage in Ethiopia. In the photo I’m holding Scoot, the first blessingway baby. The newest arrival is the 2-week old Jack, our third blessingway kid. I love this tradition we’ve started.



October 27, 2005

4 women(age range 30-45)

1 Victorian house in the ‘hood

Popcorn popped in the fireplace

Red wine

Ouija board




No boys

No kids



See you tomorrow…