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Goodbye Mona

January 31, 2006

She adored me, I adored her for almost 16 years.  She could leap into my arms from the floor.  In her younger years she was fond of riding on my left shoulder.  Recently she slept tucked under my arm every night.

When we first found each other, she was in a coma. The paperwork from her blood tests stated “incompatible with life”. When she came out of it, she was blind and angry.  It took a few months of visits for us to bond, and from that point on we were hooked on each other.

Life without her is going to take some getting used to. 



Paitent creature

January 15, 2006

Image hosted by Willow, hitched to a Tinker-Toy sled, is also looking forward to the arrival of Lil’s brother to remove some stress from her life.


Yin-Yang Kitties

December 23, 2005

For your cat-blogging Friday viewing pleasure, a rare moment of friendship between Wednesday and Mona.


A Very Patient Creature

November 22, 2005

You should see her with the homemade unicorn horn.