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July 23, 2007

I don’t often check my stats page, but I do always notice that I get a bunch of traffic due to posts on Ethiopian Idol and the date in Ethiopia. Here’s the official Ethiopian Idol site.
If you are one of these people, I have another blog in which I babble on about my son adopted from Ethiopia:  Meet Dawit.

For the creepo who found my site through searching “smell little girls”…ewwww.  Go away.


Phrases I’ll never use again

January 29, 2006

after this class ends:  Quartile deviation.  Transformed Z score. And there are oh-so-many more.

I have the pleasure of a 9-5 Statistics Marathon each Saturday for the next month.  I surprised myself by following and mostly understanding the 4-hour lecture part.  Then even got a couple of problems correct in practice.  Of course there are entire chunks of info I haven’t wrapped my brain around yet.  I have lots of homework. Due on Monday.  I haven’t recovered yet from today, and I need to face more Greek symbols and painful thought process tomorrow.

I feel fried after class today, but not yet defeated.  I’ll let you know after next week.


Hard to explain

January 25, 2006

Today Sandy stopped by to say hello.  We chatted for just a few minutes, she picked up some things I had borrowed, and she stopped in the dining room to say goodbye to Lil. 

Lily was attached to the basement door doorknob by way of the dog’s leash hooked to her pants.  She was surrounded by blocks which she had built into a pen, complete with a bowl of unicorn snacks and water within reach.   Lily happily “neigh-neighed” goodbye.

Thankfully Sandaura is not our adoption social worker, and hopefully no one will ever catch us when we’re using the laundry basket as unicorn jail. 


Lord Ayres runs for gov

January 13, 2006

Unlike the other candidates, I’m not going to hide my evil side.

Full story here. See his 13-point platform here. via the Witches’ Voice


Pippi in other languages

October 31, 2005

Names for Pippi Longstocking in other languages: In Bulgarian “Пипи Дългото Чорапче” In Croatian “Pipi Duga Čarapa” In Czech “Pipi Dlouhá Punčocha” In Danish “Pippi Langstrømpe” In Dutch “Pippi Langkous” In Estonian “Pipi Pikksukk” In Finnish “Peppi Pitkätossu” In French “Fifi Brindacier” In German “Pippi Langstrumpf” In Hebrew “בילבי בת-גרב” (“Bilbi Bat-Gerev”) In Icelandic “Lína Langsokkur” In Indonesian “Pippi Si Kaus Kaki Panjang” In Italian “Pippi Calzelunghe” In Latvian “Pepija Garzeķe” In Norwegian “Pippi Langstrømpe” In Persian “پی‌پی جوراب‌بلنده (Pipi Joorab-Bolandeh)” In Polish “Fizia Pónczoszanka” In Portuguese “Bibi Meialonga” (Brazil), “Pipi das Meias Altas” (Portugal) In Russian “Пиппи Длинный Чулок” (or “Пеппи Длинныйчулок”) In Serbian “Pipi Duga Čarapa” In Slovak “Pipi Dlhá Pančucha” In Slovenian “Pika Nogavička” In Spanish “Pipi Calzaslargas”


October 14, 2005

I managed to get an appointment for Lily’s flu shot this year, after much internal debate over the vaccine controversy. If she gets the flu, it’s more likely to hit her hard because of her heart. (structurally not normal) As far as the vaccine preservative issue, there is much controversy linking mercury to neurological issues. And Miss Lily may have a neurological issue.

So…..I got the pleasure of running all the possible scenarios through my head and speaking with a couple of docs I trust, and she’s getting the shot on Monday. More flu worries: as if the State and Federal governments tripping up our adoption plans aren’t enough, now Mother Nature is going to join in with the Avian Flu. Traveling to China in the near future with my health-compromised family probably isn’t the best idea…

And when will it stop raining?


Good Mornin’

September 19, 2005

I suspect that there is no ickier way to start the day than by cleaning up dog puke after she’s been snacking in the cat litter box