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SCD Cookies

February 13, 2007

These are by far my favorite SCD-compliant cookies.  Pecan Shortbread cookies from Lucy’s Cookbook.

I made special pizza for Lily today, too.

I thought I had exhausted most possibilities for cooking on this diet, until I got Kendall Conrad’s new book.  I even made tortillas!

Now, if only you could see my kitchen.  The one that I do this endless cooking in.  To start with, it’s ugly.  Blue toile and stripes.  And that old white linoleum that will never ever look clean again–it’s aged to a sickly yellow.   Add to it the fact that it’s not very functional (when you open the dishwasher, you can’t reach the sink or onlycounter-space), and it can make for grumpy cooking.

I do have plans to try a couple of new recipes this week, though.   And seeing my photo of the cookies makes me want more…


Strange snackin’

June 4, 2006

Kale: only used for decoration, right? On our crazy new diet, it's my 5 year-old's favorite snack. Here's what we do with it:

  • line a cookie sheet with foil
  • tear kale into 2 inch bits
  • spray with olive oil
  • bake for 10 minutes at 350
  • remove from oven and sprinkle with parmesan cheese
  • return to oven until cheese melts

It's crunchy and cheesy and salty and tasty.

Another favorite:

  • slice carrots or beets into very thin rounds
  • deep fry (in fryer or stove-top) until browned on edges
  • remove to paper towel to drain, veggies become crunchy as they sit
  • sprinkle with sea salt

When you haven't had chips in awhile, these are just like the real thing! I like beets the best, and if you can find the golden variety, they even look like potato chips.