February 13, 2007

Lily’s valentines for her teachers.  Inside are glass heart magnets she made.

Here are the butterfly valentines for her classmates:

She has remarkable patience for a 6-year old.  And she’s crafty!



February 8, 2007

Lily had a whole bunch of marbles, and she decided to create her own container for them.  She struggled with scissors, tape, cardboard, and glue to create a box-like structure with a base and cover before declaring “I need help! This keeps falling apart!”

Daddy comes to the rescue, bringing his capentry skills to the table.  “OK, let’s see what we’ve got here.  Show me your bottom.”

Lily backed up to him and dropped her pants.

(She still doesn’t understand why we laughed and laughed) 


NYC Fashion Week: RDC 2007

February 3, 2007

RDC 2007

Great show this year again…the program was upbeat and informative, very well done. It was a packed tent in Bryant Park, lots of famous people (I don’t recognize the celebrities who come to see the show, I only know they are famous because the crew of E! surrounds them in the front row). The women in the show I did recognize because their names were on the screen behind them. Lauren Hutton, Katharine McPhee, Kim Catrall, Mae Jamieson, Marlie Matlin, many more. Above is Miss Universe.

Also, there was no missing Laura Bush, there was a lot of hoopla and photo opps when she arrived. Lookie here! It’s me in the AP photo of Laura Bush attending the festivities! My big head is right behind the woman to the right of the first lady.


She was seated just a couple of seats in front of me. Her head is the one closest to the runway in this photo. I managed to resist the urge to tap her on the shoulder and question her spouse’s actions in any way.


I had a great seat, these (and above) are a couple of my photos:

After the show, I lunched with the real ladies in red, WomenHeart. We have some exciting plans going forward, and we are pleased with how the Red Dress Campaign is getting the word out.

Click here to see all the dresses and a video of the runway show.


Red Dress Collection 2007

January 29, 2007

It’s that time again:  National Wear Red Day is this Friday, February 2nd.  I’m excited to head to NYC to see the Red Dress collection on the runway in person again, and this time I won’t forget my camera!  Last year the models were women from the music world, this year, they are saying that the models are “celebrated women” from many areas.  I believe that the video I’m in will open the show again.

Dig out something red to wear, and make sure it’s ready for Friday.


What next?

January 6, 2007

If I know Ken, it won’t be long before this incident is national news.  He was arrested while taking photos of Gov. Rell’s Inaugural Parade.  Apparently he has been put on a “list”, and his photo was distributed to police as a possible threat to the Governor.

Outspoken, aggressive, innovative activist, for sure.  A threat? Silly stuff.
Here’s his site:  The 40-Year Plan.

And a bit of his remarks on his trip to Syria/Turkey from gaiagal 2005.



December 17, 2006

Several hours after a conversation about a scene in a movie where a little girl’s appendix was removed….

“What if my stomach hurts so much that the doctors have to remove my independence?”


Just add ice! (not included)

November 25, 2006

I submitted a classified ad on craigslist.  My first ad!  Antique ice box.

So far, I’ve answered 5 emails asking “does it still work?”